App Segurança Social +Próxima

App Segurança Social +Próxima

Social Security provides a new communication channel for Citizens and Companies

App Segurança Social +Próxima

In an agile and simple way, Citizens and Companies can now access Social Security services, anytime and anywhere.

In this initial launch phase it is possible to:

  • access the amount and  expected date of payment of social benefits, such as unemployment, sickness, maternity and paternity allowance, among others;
  • access the Segurança Social Direta message box;
  • Sync Social Security event calendar and Mobile Device Calendar.

We continue our effort for a simpler Social Security, closer to the Citizen. Soon, new features will be made available in Segurança Social +Próxima.

This measure, developed by Instituto de Informática, I.P., is integrated in the modernization strategy of “Social Security with you”, and is part of Simplex 2018+

Now it's even easier to communicate with Social Security.