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without queues


The mobile application sigaApp, designed and developed by Instituto de Informatica, allows you to remotely manage your visit to a service, giving you the possibility to obtain a virtual ticket on your smartphone, or schedule an appointment.


In the option Get a Ticket it is possible to search by district or proximity and choose the service and the subject.


Through this option you get information about:

- The nearest attendance place,

- The number of people waiting,

- The estimated time for attendance,

- The best way to get there, by consulting the map.


The ticket is automatically saved in "my tickets" and you just have to show it to the attendant when it is your turn.


In the option Schedule Appointment, you can schedule an attendance, indicating the subject and the way you want to be attended (in person, by video or by phone), and choose the date that best suits you.


Through this option you can

- Choose the subject or entity in which you wish to be attended,

- Choose the theme, subtheme and attendance type,

- Choose the day and time for your attendance,

- Add the appointment to your phone's calendar / agenda,

- Consult/cancel the appointments.


Available for download in Google Play, App Store and AppGallery.