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Benefit for termination of activity

Who is entitled Who is entitled

Self-employed workers who are economically dependent on a single contracting entity and whose service contract has been involuntarily terminated.

Economically dependent self-employed workers are those who obtain, from a single contracting entity, at least 80% of their total annual income as a result of an independent activity that gives rise to a contributory obligation.

Eligibility conditions Eligibility conditions

Access to the benefit depends on the cumulative verification of the following conditions:

  • Reside in national territory
  • Involuntary termination of the contract with the contracting entity
  • Compliance with the qualifying period: 360 days of exercise of an economically dependent activity as a self-employed worker, with the corresponding payment of contributions, in a period of 24 months immediately prior to the date of the involuntary termination of the service contract
  • The self-employed worker is considered to be economically dependent at the time of the termination of the service contract.
  • Considered as having been economically dependent on the contracting entity in the calendar year immediately before the end of the service contract.
  • Enrolment in the employment center of the area of residence, for purpose of employment.


For the verification of the qualifying period compliance can be taken into account periods of registered pay-slips under the general scheme that covers all employees and the scheme for self-employed workers.

Duration Duration

Duration of the benefit for termination of activity
Age of beneficiary Registered pay-slips Benefit Increase
(for every 5 years with registered pay slips in the last 20 years)
Less than 30 years Equal to or more than 24 months  330 days  30 days
Equal to or more than 30 and less than 40 years 420 days  30 days
Equal to or more than 40 and less than 50 years 540 days 45 days
Equal to or more than 50 years 540 days  60 days


Amount Amount

The calculation of the benefit for the termination of activity is based on 30 days per month, according to the following formula:

  • (RR × 0,65) × P, whereby,

RR = average daily remuneration defined by R/360, in which R represents the total of remunerations with pay-slips in the 12 months prior to the 2nd month before the involuntary termination of the work contract

P = percentage corresponding to the economic dependency of the beneficiary on the contracting entity.


Maximum limit:

1.273,15 € (2,5xSSI) or 75% of the net amount of the reference earnings used as the basis for the calculation of the benefit, that should also not exceed 1.273,15 €.

SSI / 2024: 509,26 €


Increased amount

The daily amount of the benefit is increased by 10% if:

  • in the same household both spouses or common law partners are receiving the benefit for termination of activity and have dependent children or others in a similar situation, the increase is for each of the beneficiaries.
  • When one of the spouses or common law partners ceases the entitlement to that benefit, and remains unemployed though no longer entitled to any unemployment related benefit, there is still place for the increase in the benefit for termination of activity for the other beneficiary.
  • the holder of the benefit for termination of activity is a sole-parent and not entitled to alimony due to a court decision.

How to claim How to claim

Through a request to be filed in the job centre within 90 consecutive days from the date of unemployment due to termination of the service provision contract.


Before submitting the application, the beneficiary must register for employment in the job centre.