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Mission, Vision and Values

The IGFSS is responsible for the unified financial management of the economic resources included in the Social Security Budget. With a strategic cross-cutting position within the Social Security system, the IGFSS provides services in different business areas, such as (i) the Social Security budget and account, (ii) debt management, (iii) real estate and (iv) financial management, each of these areas being responsible for:


  • The recovery of debts to Social Security through enforced recovery, managing the respective debt recovery procedures, and through other extraordinary debt settlement instruments, also contributing to the viability of companies in a difficult economic situation;
  •  The management of the Social Security real estate;
  •  The preparation and monitoring of the Social Security Budget implementation and the preparation of the Social Security Account, which are part of the State Budget and the General State Account;
  • Performing single treasury functions of the Social Security system, in terms of direct receipt of amounts and payment to beneficiaries, as well as daily financial supply to the Social Security institutions and services, while ensuring the yield of funds;
  • Verifying, monitoring, evaluating and reporting, within the budgetary, economic and property areas, the activities carried out by the Social Security system bodies;
  • To better fulfil its mission, the institute adopts management mechanisms recognised as good practices, whose results are mainly oriented to satisfying the customers’ needs, meeting the vision of “being a reference in public service excellence and sustainability”.


Simultaneously, the IGFSS charter of values establishes the ethical and deontological principles that guide its conduct and by which it intends to be recognised by its customers and the society in general:


Accuracy – To fulfil in a judicious, punctual and exemplary way the most demanding legal and moral parameters;

Impartiality – To treat all matters, partners and customers with the same degree of impartiality and quality;

Efficiency – To promote motivation mechanisms in order to achieve performance levels only comparable to the best;

Ethics – To take an exemplary positioning driven by the highest ethical and deontological standards in ways that promote the good name of the organisation;

Innovation – To pursue continuous improvement, adopting methods and technologies that enhance original and pioneering solutions.