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Prenatal family allowance

Who is entitled Who is entitled

A pregnant woman who fulfils the conditions of eligibility at the date of application.

Eligibility conditions Eligibility conditions

  • Having reached the 13th week of pregnancy
  • Being a resident in the national territory or equivalent to a resident.
  • Have a household income and a reference income not higher than the amount fixed for the 4rd income bracket.
  • Not having, at the time of application (the applicant and her household, movable assets in an amount higher than 122.222,40 € (corresponds to 240 times the SSI)
  • Provide proof  of the number of weeks of pregnancy as well as of the expected number of unborn children.

Duration Duration

The prenatal family allowance is due as from the month following that of the 13th week of pregnancy and is payable for a six month period or, if the pregnancy lasts more than 40 weeks, up to and including the month of birth.

This benefit shall also be granted for a six month period in the case of premature birth even though in accumulation with the family allowance for children and young people granted to the born child.

Yet, in cases of miscarriage or termination of pregnancy, the benefit shall only be granted up to and including the month of termination of pregnancy.

Amount Amount

  • Depends on the level of the reference income of the household.
  • Corresponds to the amount of the family allowance for children and young people during the 1st year of their lives.
  • The prenatal family allowance has a 35% increase for single parent families.

A pregnant woman in a single parent family is the one who lives alone or only with children and young persons entitled to the family benefit.


Income brackets for reference earnings of the household
Income brackets  2022 2023
1st Equal to or less than 0,5xSSIx14 Till 3.102,40 € Até 3.363,01 €
2nd More than 0,5xSSIx14 and equal to or less than 1xSSIx14 From  3.102,40 € to 6.204,80 € From  3.363,01 € to 6.726,02 €
3rd More than 1xSSIx14 and equal to or less than 1,7xSSIx14 From 6.204,80 € to 10.548,16 € From 11.434,22€ to 16.815,05€
4th More than 1,7xSSIx14 or equal to or less than 2,5xSSIx14 From 10.548,16 € to 15.512 € From 9.307,20 € to 15.512,00 €
5th More than 2,5xSSIx14 More than 15.512 € More than 16.815,05 €

SSI / 2023: 480,43 €

SSI / 2024: 509,26 €


Income brackets Two parent families Single parent families
1st 149,85 € 202,30 €
2nd 123,69 € 166,98 €
3rd 97,31 € 131,37 €
4th 58,39 € 78,83 €


How to claim How to claim

You can apply for the benefit through:
  • The Segurança Social Direta, at
  • The form Mod.RP5045-DGSS, accompanied by the documents indicated therein, to be submitted:

o At the Social Security office
o At the citizen's shops.

If the subsidy is applied for online, at the Segurança Social Direta, the means of proof can be sent by the same route as long as they are correctly scanned.

The form can be obtained in the right-hand column under "Forms" or from any Social Security office.

You should apply for the benefit during the period of pregnancy or within 6 months from the month following the birth.

Outside the period of pregnancy, the application for child benefit is considered valid after the birth of the child, provided it is submitted by the mother within 6 months of the month following the birth.