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Statement of Contributory Situation

Aim Aim


The Statement of Contributory Situation is issued to certify that a person has no debts towards the Portuguese Social Security. 

Who is entitled Who is entitled

A person that has no debts towards social security. 


How do you know if you are entitled to get no debt statement of contributory situation

  • There are no debts of contributions from employers and employees, interests for late payments and other amounts owed by social security contributors;  
  • There are debts, but the contributor was authorized to pay them in instalments and while the authorization conditions are being met.  
  • There are debts, but the contributor has claimed, appealed against, lodged an opposition or challenged the debt in court, and as long as a guarantee has been provided for that purpose. 



How to apply How to apply

Online, through "Segurança Social Direta".  

  1. Go to  
  2. On the "Conta-corrente" menu, click on "Situação contributiva" and them on "Declaração de situação contributiva". 

By letter addressed to the district Social Security customer care desk, preferably from your residential area. Check their postal addresses here;  
In-person, at the Social Security customer care desks in all districts and most cities. Check their locations here. 



Necessary documents Necessary documents

  • Forms - RC3042-DGSS – Pedido de declaração - Situação contributiva - Não aplicação de sanções (Statement request – Contributory situation – Non-application of penalties - this form is available at the Practical Guide – Statement of Contributory Situation – Natural Person ISS, I.P Pág. 5/7)
  •  If you authorize a third person to receive the statement in your name, you must provide his/her identification details:
  • Name;
  • Civil Identification Number (ID or Citizen Card)


Find out more information in the Practical Guide – Statement of Contributory Situation – Natural Person.