Main tasks

Some of them:

  • Prepare measures oriented towards the reinforcement of the effectiveness and modernisation of the action aimed at making the right to Social Security effective
  • Design  and propose measures, within the scope of the Social Security and Social Action schemes that contribute to improving  the living conditions of the citizens
  • Develop  normative projects and propose innovative measures that contribute to promoting  greater enforcement  of the right to Social Security
  • Study and technically negotiate international instruments on the coordination of Social Security legislation, based on the principles of equal treatment, determination of the applicable legislation and preservation of rights
  • Ensure technical support in matters of harmonisation and international relations within the scope of the Social Security system
  • Propose regulatory norms for the development of social action that contribute to the qualification of social services and equipment and to the improvement of access conditions for individuals and families
  • Define and develop the circuits, procedures and means inherent to the implementation  of the norms of the Social Security system
  • Develop measures in the field of specialised information within the Social Security system.