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Mission, Vision and Values


Its mission is to design, coordinate and support the areas of the Social Security system, including protection against occupational risks, as well as to study, technically negotiate and coordinate the application of international instruments relating to the legislation of that system.


In the pursuit of its various attributions, the DGSS aims to be a reference organism in the Social Security system, based on the heritage of knowledge and experience in the technical-normative areas and on the existence of specific competences in the areas of Social Security regimes, negotiation and coordination of the application of international instruments, social action, and transversal.


In the pursuit and fulfilment of its mission, the DGSS is guided by the following organisational principles and values:

Organisational principles

  • Legality
  • Organisational flexibility
  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Valorisation of Human Resources

Acting values

  • Professional and institutional ethics
  • Integrity
  • Rigour and responsibility
  • Transparency and impartiality