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Mission, Vision and Values



The ISSM, IP-RAM, within the scope of the integrated social security system, is responsible for the management of the Social Security schemes, the recognition of rights and the fulfilment of duties arising from the Social Security Schemes, the management of debt recovery and the performance of social action activities, as well as the implementation of international Social Security instruments in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.



The ISSM, IP-RAM aims to be a reference institution within the scope of Social Security systems and interventions.



Satisfaction — To ensure a close relationship with the Social Security beneficiaries, providing a service focused on people and based on high standards of ethical behaviour and respect for others, with a view to meeting the beneficiaries needs;

Trust — To create and ensure the necessary conditions to strengthen the bonds of trust between the Institute and its internal and external customers;

Communication — To inform about the objectives of the organisation, with the participation of the members from all the respective hierarchical levels, taking into account the interests of the organisation, as well as the interests of all its employees;

Continuous improvement — To create the conditions for the continuous improvement of the ISS, IP-RAM services, with the adoption of innovative methods and technologies in terms of procedures, products and services;

Efficiency — To rationally use the means available at the institution to achieve a previously determined objective, thus meeting the established objectives and targets with the minimum of resources and time available, achieving its optimization;

Valuing people – To promote an organizational climate that values people, namely through merit and individual competences, creating an environment of satisfaction and personal appreciation.