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Specific Benefit in case of hospitalisation of the new born

Who is entitled? Who is entitled?

  • Beneficiaries of the social security system covered by the scheme of employees, self-employed workers and beneficiaries of the voluntary social insurance (Scientific Research Fellows)
  • Pre-retirement recipients, in a situation of reduced work performance
  • Beneficiaries receiving unemployment benefits (unemployment benefit, social unemployment benefit, benefit for termination of activity and benefit for termination of professional activity) whose payment is suspended during the time they are receiving parental benefit
  • Beneficiaries receiving relative invalidity pension or survivor's pension who are working and with registration of pay-slips in the Social Security.

In case the child remains in the hospital immediately after the recommended period post-delivery, due to the need for special medical care.

Eligibility conditions Eligibility conditions

  • 6 continuous or non-continuous calendar months with registration of pay-slips at the date of the contingency, taking into consideration, if necessary, the month in which the contingency occurs, if in that month there was registration of pay-slips (qualifying period).

All periods of compulsory affiliation to any social protection scheme providing for maternity cash benefits, including the civil servants scheme, with registration of pay-slips, shall be considered, insofar as they do not overlap.

  • You must have taken all the non-remunerated leaves, absences or equivalent periods under the Labour Code dispositions.

The termination or suspension of the labour contract does not affect the right to the benefits.


If you work but do not meet the conditions required above, please go to Social allowances under the contingencies of maternity and paternity.

Duration Duration

It corresponds to the period of hospitalisation, with a maximum limit of 30 days, to be paid after the  initial parental benefit.

If the delivery occurs up to the end of 33 weeks (premature), the entire period that the child remains in hospital, as well as 30 days after leaving the hospital, are added to the initial parental benefit.

Amount Amount

Daily amount: 100% of the reference earnings

The reference earnings are calculated using the formula:

RE = R/180, whereby

R means the total earnings registered in the 6 calendar months preceding the second month prior to the fact that determined the protection (excluding Holidays, Christmas and other similar bonuses).

If the qualifying period is not accomplished due to aggregation of contributory periods, the reference earnings are calculated differently. 

How to claim How to claim

You can apply for the benefit through:

  • The Segurança Social Direta, at
  • The form Mod.RP5092-DGSS, accompanied by the documents indicated therein, to be submitted:
    • At the Social Security office
    • At the citizen's shops.

 If you apply for the benefit online, at the Segurança Social Direta, the means of proof can be sent by the same waye as long as they are correctly scanned.


Time limit for the claim

The claim must be submitted within a period of 6 months of the first day you stopped working.


You may be entitled to the Benefits compensating for holidays and Christmas bonuses, so in your own interest please read this document.