In addition to the Certifications in various Standards and Recognition under the Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), over the years the Institute has earned other distinctions:

2021 2021

  • II is again a finalist at the Portugal Digital Awards with “Pensão na Hora”

2020 2020

  • Instituto de Informatica and Instituto da Segurança Social distinguished by IPPS-ISCTE with the prize for best public policy in the category of Central Administration
  • Instituto de Informatica, IP receives Honorable Mention with Social Security App + Next & Mobile Framework – ESOP Opening Award
  • IPPS-ISCTE Public Policy Award - ISS and the Instituto de Informática are finalists in the 1st category with the exceptional and temporary measure of job protection, within the scope of the COVID-19 pandemic

2019 2019

  • Instituto de Informática – Success case in terms of excellence and innovation
  •  Instituto de Informática, IP was the big winner of the Award for Innovative Projects in Public Management in the category of Valorization of Human Resources
  •  Instituto de Informática receives Co-Innovation Award 2019 - "Excellence in People Management" - for the new Training Portal project
  •  IPPS-ISCTE Public Policy Award | 2019
  •  The II was a finalist at the Portugal Digital Awards 2019 with the SIGA project 

2017 2017

  • The Integrity and Transparency Plan received the award for Good Practices in Public Administration, in the context of valuing people, awarded by INA
  •  Instituto de Informática was among the 10 finalists of the NOS Inovação Award, category “Large Companies”, with the project SIM - New Pension Simulator

2016 2016

  • Reception and Integration Program - Best Practices in Public Administration Award - Appreciation of People
  •  "2016 Opening Award" with the technology platform "Social Security Direct"
  •  Nominated as one of the three finalists of the Data Impact Awards 2016, which distinguishes projects with Big Data technology, in the “Business Risk Reduction” category with the Signal project
  •  "Migration and Innovation Award" awarded by BMC - Control-M technology supplier
  • “The best of Portugal Technological” award, given by Exame Informática magazine, for the new Social Security Direct platform

2015 2015

  • 1st Prize in the “Best cartoon/Illustration/Graphic image” category at the 2015 FEIEA Grand Prix awarded to “Now SEI!”, graphic representation of the Enlightenment Sessions at the Institute (SEI!)
  •  Distinction of the sigä for the contribution to the rationalization of the use of ICT in public administration, awarded by the GPTIC within the scope of the awards
  •  IDC CIO Awards 2015 awarded to the Signal – Big Data project applied to pattern detection

2014 2014

  • Distinction for “Good Communication Practices at the service of Public Administration in Portugal” - Grand Prix APCE 2014 - Excellence in Communication - APCE - Associação Portuguesa Comunicação de Empresa
  • Recognized for merit by the e-Learning course “Connect to the Orthographic Agreement” - Grand Prix APCE 2013 - Excellence in Communication” - APCE - Associação Portuguesa Comunicação de Empresa
  • Innovation Award – “Disaster Recovery Solution in Public Administration” - EMC Corporation
  • Honorable Mention at the European Enterprise Awards - Direct Social Security Project
  • Best Customer Relationship Center (Public Administration sector), by the DRI/DRO/SSDireta service - APCC – Portuguese Association of Contact Centers
  • “ Good Practice label for 2007” award for “Unemployment Subsystem” - European Union
  • Honorable Mention - Fernandes Costa Award (Ministry of Finance) - Direct Social Security
  • Second Prize in the Electronic Service category - “European Health Insurance Card” - Best Practices in the Public Sector Prize - Deloitte / Diário Económico
  • DRI - European Good Practice - European Union
  • Fernandes Costa Award for Online DR Service
  • Honorable Mention for the DR-Online Project - Best Practices in the Public Sector Award - Deloitte / Diário Económico