Who we are

Instituto de Informatica I.P. (II, I.P.) is a public institute governed with special rules in accordance with the law, integrated in the indirect administration of the State, with administrative and financial autonomy and its own assets. As a central body with intervention over all national territory, its headquarters is located in Taguspark (Porto Salvo – Oeiras).




The Institute of Information Technology and Solidarity Statistics (IIES) was created by Decree-Law No. 115/98, of 4 May, succeeding the ONI (National Information Technology Agency) project structure, with the aim of defining and implementing the new System of Social Security Information (SISS).


Its Statutes were approved by Decree-Law nº 41-A/99, of 9 February, with the respective Internal Regulation approved by Order nº 6537/99, of 3 March, with Administrative Rule nº 242/99, of April 6, approved its organic structure.


In 2005, following the approval of the Ministry of Social Security, Family and Children (MSSFC), by Decree-Law No. 5/2005, of January 5, IIES was renamed the Institute of Informatics and Statistics of Social Security, IP(IIESS, IP), aiming to promote the design and definition, implementation and evaluation of the information system in the MSSFC attribution areas.


In 2006 and following the Program for the Restructuring of the State's Central Administration (PRACE), Decree-Law No. 211/2006, of October 27, which approved the Organic Law of the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity, determined that the IIESS , IP, was restructured with the change of name to Instituto de Informática, IP.


Decree-Law no. 211/2007, of 29 May, approved the organic of the Instituto de Informática, IP, and this institute subsequently, by Decree-Law no. 154/2008 and competences in matters of information and communication technologies (ICT), to the various services and bodies of the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity.


In 2011, by Decree-Law nº 39/2011, of March 21, Instituto de Informática, I.P. was qualified as a social security institution.


The current organizational structure of the Instituto de Informática, I.P., was approved by Decree-Law No. 196/2012, of August 23, establishing that the II, I.P. Its mission is to define and propose policies and strategies for information and communication technologies, ensuring the planning, design, execution and evaluation of computerization and technological updating initiatives in the respective ministerial area.

In 2013, through Ordinance No. 138/2013, of 2 April, the current Statutes of the Instituto de Informática, IP, were approved.




In 2012, by Decree-Law No. 196/2012, of August 23, establishes that the II,IP pursues attributions of the Ministry of Solidarity and Social Security (MSSS), under the supervision and tutelage of the respective minister, exercised jointly by the members responsible for the areas of solidarity, social security, the economy and employment and, in matters related to the collection of contributions, finance.


Attributions of the Instituto de Informática, I.P.:


  • Prepare the MTSSS information systems strategic plan;
  • Define and control compliance with rules and procedures relating to the selection, acquisition and use of technological infrastructure and information systems;
  • Ensure the construction, management and operation of systems and infrastructures in the MTSSS' transversal area of ​​action, in articulation with the bodies in a logic of shared services;
  • Promote the contracting and acquisition of goods and services in the fields of information and communication technologies (ICT), without prejudice to the competences of the SG within the scope of the National Public Procurement System;
  • Promote the unification and rationalization of methods, resources, processes, technological infrastructure and training in the area of ​​ICT, in the bodies of the MTSSS;
  • Design, plan, execute and control the production and data collection projects in centralized storage systems, with a view to their treatment as official statistical information within the scope of the MTSSS, and their use as management and decision-making indicators;
  • Ensure, in the areas of ICT, the articulation with external entities, namely bodies with inter-ministerial attributions and centralize the necessary interoperability mechanisms.





In 2013, through Ordinance No. 138/2013, of 2 April, the statutes of the Instituto de Informática, IP, were approved.