Strategic Objectives


Depending on the mission, vision and attributions of the Instituto de Informática, and taking into account the strategic and public policies defined, the strategic objectives and the respective axes of intervention defined for the governance area of ​​work, solidarity and social security, the Instituto de Informática translates its strategic positioning in 4 central objectives:


O.E.1 - Strengthen the digital transformation process by promoting transparency, simplification and the excellence of the services provided


As an organization whose main attribution is reflected in the development of technological solutions, it is important for the Instituto de Informática to base its capacity to deliver new ICT solutions, in which the transformation of business and operational processes is based on real needs, using innovation as a vehicle to provide more and better solutions and services, guaranteeing equity in public policies and the sustainability of social security.


O.E.2 - Optimize the technological resources of the MTSSS, promoting the efficiency of ICT services


Changing the channels that support the relationship between Social Security and the citizen within the scope of a digital economy requires the Institute to focus on defining and sharing technological resources through the consolidation and updating of technological infrastructure, increasing the level of security, availability and continuity of services.



O.E.3 - Ensure organizational sustainability, investing in innovation, quality and social and environmental responsibility


The Institute intends to reflect on the methodologies, tools and models of ICT governance in order to improve its working methods, add value and promote a socially responsible performance.



O.E.4- Boosting the development of human capital


In a context of some limitation to external recruitment in the Public Administration, the retention of talents and the permanent technical training of the Institute's employees are an essential component for the development of human capital, in a business environment that promotes changes in the contexts and functions of each employee.